Monday, April 13, 2009

The Last Outlaw Poet: By Ethan Hawke

I would never have been intrigued by this article had my friend C not made me listen to a bunch of Kris Kristofferson following a concert he gave in St. Louis. She told me stories of loving his music for years and how life-changing it was to hear him tell his stories. Some of the stories are touched on in this article, which can be previewed online at Ethan Hawke's profile is incredibly engaging, telling the story of a complex soul who suffered failures and successes, wrote some incredible songs, and got naked with Janis Joplin. What surprises me is that Kris didn't make it on the cover. Instead, they chose Lil Wayne, whose story is the antithesis of a complex musical hero: a one-dimensional personality who seems to do nothing throughout the interview but talk about how gangsta and awesome he is. Uch. Unbelievable how gullible the masses can be. -K

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  1. It's ageism and playing to the lowest common denominator isn't it?